A French In Glasgow. Australia dannae want me!

Big news today. I find out that i’m going to be an uncle tomorrow which is kinda exciting because I can be involved if I want to, but I can decide to not be involved, so I can experiment and see how I’ll react to a baby.
I’m planning to do some experiment on that innocent baby. Babies are born with personalities, I can’t wait to observe him before he finds out about all the social codes, I’ll speak to him in English only so he’ll be bilingual.
I wonder what kind of uncle I will be, ultimately I’m also thinking what kind of dad I’ll be some day, scary thought. I’d rather be a mum just so I could give birth to the baby, I find it fascinating, and painfully beautiful.
But let’s get to the main thing that is making my day more delicious than yesterday.
"Sites that depict or gradually describe sexual acts or activity including exhibitionism, also sites offering direct links to such sites." We see porn every day on TV,  adverts about L'oréal are more exciting and evocative than a streap-teaseur.
Yes, viddy again what you’ve just read! They can’t have access to my blog, I guess France is too cool for them, we are known for being comfortable with our sexuality, that it can shock some English-speaking people but I didn’t know that Australians were such stuck-up, Fosters beer, good call my ass.
talking about ass, it reminds me this time of a sweet one-night-stand where I pretended to be called Oscar for the whole night, because of how much I like Oscar Wilde, and the girl believed me, of course, why would she be suspicious?
 And after she would struggle to find me on facebook so everything’s going well so far. After a few drinks, we’re going back to her’s, have sex (Fuck you Australia) and in the middle of it she shouted” AU SECOUUURS!!!” Which means HELP! In French… I thought she was trying to tell me that she was into some kind of sado-maso thing and wanted to role-play so I pushed her against the wall, grabbed her hair and pulled it back quite strongly, she slapped me, I thought wow she’s really going for it.
And she shouted : “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU????!!!”  Slapped me again and kicked me out before I could even say something.
I then realized that she wasn’t shouting AU SECOURS but OSCAR… My “name” of the night.
 So now my one night stand name is François. I plan to call my future son François actually.
I’m having such a nice day.

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